Layered Rare Gray & Aqua Genuine Sea Glass Pendant Necklace
Trash Made Art Neck Jewelry. A one of a kind & unusual, handmade genuine sea glass necklace or beach glass necklace for women, men & teens, in a chic bohemian necklace design. This double layered pendant design, features a tiny 7/8" rare gray & super rare aqua, layered beach glass pendant, made with ocean tumbled sea glass & a silver accent, on a brown ultra suede adjustable necklace. A handmade in a hammock, layered rare beach glass pendant necklace, from the sea glass necklace & sea glass jewelry collections, at Shopping Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, affordable gifts & Vieques souvenirs.
Handmade Jewelry & Unusual Jewelry, Contemporary Tribal & Ethnic Jewelry, Bohemian Jewelry & Chic Island Fashion Jewelry
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